Do you ever feel inspirationally confused…? Let me explain…


Previously on a daily basis my mind would be confused and over-loaded with the amount of information, directions and agendas that my day would take.

One minute I am focused on being a career driven health professional, then next minute a mindfulness mentor, as well as a loving and supportive partner, a fitness addict that instagrams every healthy meal she makes, a yoga apprentice meditating on a mountain in Bali, a caring daughter, while then fund-raising for a charity event, picking up a copy of Women’s Health while making my way through a Robin Sharma novel – and my study notes for my current training, organising dinner with girlfriends, an organic – raw – protein – supplement – vitamin lover, …and I can’t forget to post an inspirational quote on my Facebook to feel I have completed my day – the list of roles goes on… And I have not even started a family at this point!

No wonder I was feeling a little frazzled.

Even though I thought had set up the conditions in my daily life to allow me to accelerate my life, my personal development and our business plans, I felt a sense of overwhelm and confusion.  I felt like inertia was holding me back, even though I was trying to keep my mindset on track to move forward.

I sat back one day and opened my faithful black journal that I carry around with me everyday.  I just happened to open it on a page that I had scribbled a quote from one of my amazing mentors.

“Personal development does not come from a book.  Personal development comes from overcoming obstacles that stand between you and your worthwhile personal, pre-determined goals.  Don’t bother showing up without your goals or you will become inspirationally confused”

And there it was, crystal clear.  My focus was not on my pre-determined goals, personal values and dreams.  It has been out of balance, and unplanned with other agendas allowing me to get (easily!) distracted. So if I just re-focused on my goals, the rest will manifest itself as it should be… right?

But how do we stay focused in amongst our modern lifestyle? How do we align ourselves with our dreams and our vision on a daily basis? How do we discover what these values even are…? What can we do to affirm and manifest the conditions in our life to move forward…

I affirm it using affirmations.  Affirming my predetermined goals and my personal values has become a daily habit for me. What do I stand for? What is my footprint on this earth going to look like?  What will I be remembered for…?  What does my smile reflect to the next person I will see?

The power of using affirmations to connect with personal values, and setting my goals has been one of the most powerful exercises I have ever done.  it has changed the way I live my life, and my priorities.  It is an ever-evolving process which I am reviewing consistently.

Affirmations are something that we all can tune into at any time, to attract the right circumstances to us. What we say to ourselves on a daily basis is far more important than what we say to others.  We become what we are fixated ON.  Our attitude will affect our circumstance.

Most of us have a huge attachment to what is actually holding us back – e.g. “There is never enough money” or “I am so silly”.  It is emotionally costly to think this way, as the conditions you attract for yourself will always remain the same.  I look for the lesson in everything and am constantly reminding myself of how lucky I am, and how grateful I am for my journey.

The Question is where to start??

1. Start practising your awareness – watch your language.  You may need an accountability partner for this one in the beginning.

2. Reflect on some of the questions that I mentioned above, and write down some of the values and actions that you would like to be remembered for.

3. Turn those into a list of personal Affirmations for you to use every day.  Surround yourself with them.

Place no limitations on yourself if you can start to manifest this high sense of positivity and faith into your life.  And remember to take it one day at a time.  The most important thing is to start…

My favourites? Here is one of many, thanks to George.

The Universe is conspiring in my favour, miracles happen to me every day…



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