‘Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness’

‘Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness. In order to achieve happiness it is important to gain mastery of your body.’ – Joseph Pilates There are many reasons why both men & women should give Clinical Pilates a go. There are 6 main principles of the modern Pilates method, all of which contribute to multiple […]

The definition of Space

Definition of SPACE… a. A period or interval of time. b. A little while: Let’s rest for a space. c. Sufficient freedom from external pressure to develop or explore one’s needs, interests, and individuality: “The need for personal space inevitably asserts itself” (Maggie Scarf). d. Music One of the intervals between the lines of a […]

The experience of being stuck the Daily Grind

By my mid-20’s  I was deep in the trenches of running my own Business’ within the Health field.  I had discovered the draining experience of what I now call “the daily grind”.  With that, came financial stress, frustration, feeling like I was trapped, lack of motivation, limited freedom, and ultimately I was on an express […]

Why All The Pills & Shakes?

The ongoing conversations and opinions about Nutrition choices are the latest hot topic.  There are lots of controversial relationships between different types foods and supplements, with both views portraying an integrated approach to nutrition. On one side of the fence, food producers suggest that they can provide all the necessary nutrition in daily servings from […]