The experience of being stuck the Daily Grind

By my mid-20’s  I was deep in the trenches of running my own Business’ within the Health field.  I had discovered the draining experience of what I now call “the daily grind”.  With that, came financial stress, frustration, feeling like I was trapped, lack of motivation, limited freedom, and ultimately I was on an express […]

Just Be.

It’s been a busy few months since our last Soul Balance Bali Retreat in July with over 20 participants in our last corporate group! Since then we have been busy perfecting the 2014 dates and schedule, creating our community of Soul Balance Wellbeing in Melbourne, and of course our local Soul Balance 1-Day Retreats that we will be […]

Need A Little Soul Balance?

Who Needs To Come To Our Soul Balance Retreat Sanctuary? Soul Balance Awakening Retreats in magical Bali was created to provide a space where our clients can come to heal, restore peace, and revitalise their Health & Wellbeing. We are a company that believes in giving back to the local Balinese Community, and work closely […]