What an amazing feeling it is when you begin to feel synchronicity in your life… And I mean REALLY feel it.

Those of you that understand the feeling I am taking about, it is like ease and constant blessings are coming into your daily life.  To stop and regularly appreciate the small things takes presence and awareness – and it is so blissful to remain in that grateful state on a daily basis.

Yes we can all be challenged at times, but as we connected to our goals, our heart and our values ~ the process and practice becomes a force that can’t be stopped.

After the weekend at the Mind, Body & Spirit festival, I was blessed to be connected to a lovely lady Rachel Sparks… Which was yet another piece of synchronicity that I am grateful for…

Rachel has many years of experience running her own recruiting company as well as being a Mum.  But Rachel also works on what she calls a ‘passion project’ (I love this!), which is her ‘I Heart My Job’ blog, which inspires people to follow their dreams and spirit, and chase a career that reflects who they really want to be.

I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Rachel earlier this week.  Apart from connecting with Rachel’s amazing energy and passion for life, the process of chatting with her was a very heart warming experience.  It reminded me of the journey of the past few years of life, and just how much has changed and how much I have grown.  It is such an important thing to reflect on your wins and lessons ~ and to remain grateful for every step of the way.

If you would like to read how the “Soul Balance” journey began… here is Rachel’s lovely work.

Thanks again to this beautiful Earth Angel!

Em xx


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