Every week on a Thursday morning I wake up like a kid at Christmas… Not for any presents under the trees – An even bigger gift than that… It is FIT CLUB day.

Our team of health coaches have been on their own journey of fitness and wellbeing for many years now.  After an inspiring trip to America in April of this year, we decided to bring back this concept of COMMUNITY HEALTH.  This was going to involve donating some of our time and skill, but little did we know that by giving just a small piece of energy, we would gain a huge amount of personal growth, gratitude, and shift a local community into an amazing mindset.

FIT CLUB is all about the exercise only being 20% of the deal – and don’t be fooled – that 20% is tough – But extremely fun.  80% of the deal is nutrition – and this is where a huge focus on educating the community comes in. Whole foods, lean proteins, supplementation, quality food choices, water – and more water! We educate our groups on the correct selection of foods in their diet to get them closer to their health and wellness result.

The most important part for us is our 100% mindset.  Being the BEST version of yourself in body, mind and spirit.  We call it LEVEL 10.

There are no catches, the workout is always FREE and suitable for whatever fitness level you are. No excuses.

Bring your A-GAME attitude and desire – always.  Lets make the obstacles between YOU and your goals disappear.  It’s GO TIME!

Watch this short clip to see how much fun our Fit Club family have each week ==> http://youtu.be/ICKP1NcrsBo

See you soon – all over Melbourne! Locations are on our website ==> www.gotime.com.au/location


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