It’s been a busy few months since our last Soul Balance Bali Retreat in July with over 20 participants in our last corporate group! Since then we have been busy perfecting the 2014 dates and schedule, creating our community of Soul Balance Wellbeing in Melbourne, and of course our local Soul Balance 1-Day Retreats that we will be announcing shortly.  Our Soul Balance team is growing rapidly and developing to serve you and your highest aspirations.

Today I just got reflective.  Considered the past, and the things I wish someone had taught me a lot earlier.   I thought I should share a few of them with you…

…so you avoid the mistakes I made…

…so you accelerate your success…

…so you make your mark on the world.

With much love and light, here is my sharing…

I wish I’d learned earlier to stop over-thinking opportunities and to trust my instincts more quickly. My many errors and procrastinations happened when I failed to listen to my gut, my intuition.  It’s wiser than the head.

I wish I’d allowed myself the flow with feeling in my heart of discomfort during a transition or transformation much earlier in my adult life, as it is always better than the heartbreak of resistance or the ‘stuck’ feeling when not taking action.

I wish I’d learned earlier how essential it is to be surround with people living life at higher levels – so that their ways of thinking, loving and living influenced my mindset and achievement levels. Just having a few conversations with the right people can be the event that triggers a tsunami of excellence.

I wish I’d learned earlier that the best way to get more done is to work less. It’s truly is about smart work versus hard work. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  I needed to start getting pins and needles consistently through my arms and hands for this one to kick in.

I wish I’d learned earlier that fear is transparent.  It was a turning point for me to approach all business and personal opportunities from a position of strength and confidence versus from a place of scarcity and weakness. Your belief in yourself becomes contagious.

I wished I’d learned earlier that life changes in every moment. And it’s wise not to postpone all the important things you really want to do today until some fantasy time comes in the future. That time never comes.

I wish I’d learned earlier that the true measure of success is not the car your drive, the house you live in, or the Degree or certification you have… but self-worth and self-love are truly a measure of where your heart is centred…and that the depth of your character is so much more important than the size of your home.

Just a few of my reflections… Hope they landed in your Inbox at the right time for you, as always.

By the way, if you want to experience and learn about how to develop intuition, direction, self-love and need a day to recharge yourself… Register your interest for our Soul Balance 1-Day Retreat, which we will be announcing very soon.  The day will be full of insights and exercises that we use at Soul Balance Retreats, as well as some pampering and yummy lunch and treats.

We are only opening up 14 spots in this highly ‘in demand’ event… You couldn’t get to Bali, so we are bringing a piece of Bali to you…

We really can help you recharge your motivation and rejuvenate your heart at this event.

Please Note:  Soul Balance is not  for everyone. Just for those ready to open their minds and hearts to new concepts and ideas, and then have the commitment to act on them to produce breathtakingly great results… Are you ready for a change?

Also we just wanted to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU.  The response to Soul Balance Retreats has been overwhelming in 2013.  Thanks to everyone who has embraced our dream so far.

We have poured our hearts into what you’ll experience in these day events.  Submit your interest here.

Love & light to you all,


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