A few short days ago I was privileged to spend the day with 11 beautiful women at our Soul Balance ‘Recharge’ Retreat.

For one whole day we relaxed in our tranquil space amongst the peninsula hot springs in Rye, Victoria.  We chose this space because of its earthing energy, luxurious mineral springs and the peaceful surrounds.

There was multiple times through-out the day when I really had to “check-in” with my feelings and how blessed I felt.  When I witnessed through the initial thoughts of excitement, anticipation and happiness – there was a huge sense of love and gratitude.  Marc & I always had the dream to be able to offer this experience, a true gift, to those that were seeking it – and as often as possible.  To create a community of like-minded people, all on similar journeys of personal growth and spirituality.  Looking around the room at these gorgeous girls, their faces so peaceful in our final meditation, the sparkle in their eyes, the growth, the love, and the hugs that they shared with each other at the end of the day… It was a special moment.

I admire the way the group embraced the flow of the day, but also the growth that they helped each other through by sharing and treating the space as safe.  Normally we have a group for 6 nights with us in Bali, so creating this energy between the group after just one day was amazing.

Our main focus for the day was how to tune in, heighten your awareness, and accept the flow and grace of life – while creating your authentic self within the process.  Such a gift that was given to me by some amazing mentors on my journey – and it is a part of my personal mission to share it with others.  It was then the perfect end to the day for us to float off to the mineral springs and wash away anything we wanted to leave behind.

The expansion of Soul Balance would not be possible without those of you that are looking for more… More love, more peace, more fulfilment, personal growth, gratitude, clarity, internal guidance – the list goes on.  Thank you from me to you for embracing the dream.

It is only the beginning.

I woke up the morning after so grateful for ‘LIVING MY LOVE & LOVING MY LIFE’ – Thank you to all the beautiful women that supported the first Melbourne Soul Balance Recharge Retreat. It was an honor to spend the day with you.

Stay tuned for what we have in store for 2014.


Emily x

SBR Day Retreat Group



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