Happy New Year from Soul Balance!


The vast majority of us don’t even feel like 2014 has clicked over, yet there are only 352 days until Christmas…

Most people don’t actually move forward with the year until they are forced to turn up to work, or when the kids head back to school.  Before we know it Easter is here, winter comes around – and in the blink of an eye… there goes another year.

Well, here at Soul Balance we are officially giving you a wake up call!

Why not give yourself a check in, right here and now, this week, and build a successful foundation for a fresh and blissful year ahead?  What have you got to lose…?


Living your life by design involves a few small and simple steps…

1. Set your sail 

2. Affirm it to the Universe (or whatever your personal belief is)

3. Keep your feet on the ground and revisit your goals frequently

Imagine yourself 3 months from now, 6 months from now – The changes and achievements you will be achieving…


I have a gift for YOU to help you design your 2014… Our Soul Balance Intentions and Vision planner is here and waiting.  It allows you to reflect in all areas of your life, as well as set your personal affirmation for 2014.

Manifest to the Universe what your journey looks like for this year, and it will abundantly provide for you, as always…

Don’t forget to download it here. 

It looks beautiful in a big colourful size, and placed somewhere that you can be reminded of your intentions every day.

While setting your sails, pencil in a Soul Balance Retreat May 20th – 24th this year – the perfect time to recharge your spirit, restore your mind, and nourish your body.  We are honouring our ‘early bird’ $200 discount until the end of this month ONLY, and then our 2014 prices will be back to full price.

If you would like any further information on our Bali schedule, prices or to reserve your place, email info@soulbalanceretreats and we can connect to start your Soul Balance journey this week.


Have a beautiful day, and feel free to send me a pic of your intentions planner! Because yes it is easy to do… But it is also easy NOT to do 😉

Love and Light,

Emily x



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