Every day I have the pleasure & honor of inspiring & helping others.. I am so grateful for the journey that I have been blessed with – it challenges me to grow and be the best version of myself that I can be.

I truly believe that having GRATITUDE for every moment of life (including the challenges) will determine how you live your life. The Universe is waiting to show you endless abundance… We just need to have the awareness to WAKE UP to it.

To inspire and educate the community on all things NUTRITION, HEALTH, SOUL and SPIRIT. To provide a positive place of motivation and personal GROWTH for all to use on our own personal journeys to Wellbeing & SELF-LOVE.

My name is Emily and my journey to helping others began 10 years ago when I fell in love with the human body and all of its SELF-HEALING capabilities. I completed my degree in Complementary Medicine and continued on to finish my Masters of Osteopathy shortly after.

7 years in the Industry has taken my journey forward to become an Entrepreneur, Health Clinic/Retreat Director, Osteopath, Clinical Pilates Instructor, Nutrition Coach, Yoga apprentice, and a lover of all things Health – my life is a fulfilling, rewarding, challenging & spiritual gift that I am forever grateful for.


Let’s just say that my own personal journey has not always been a smooth ride… And now that I have my heart in a centred place I am ready to give back everything that I have learnt along the way, to help you get into BALANCE with ease… and continue the journey with me & our community of like minded people.

My body, like a lot of us, has been through vigorous exercise programs, injuries, food guilt, binges, soup diets, diet pills, hormone conditions, adrenal exhaustion… Sound familiar?
But my heart is now open and centred to the realisation that I chose my own path, make my own decisions, and am GRATEFUL for every lesson along the way…

After building up the Doncaster Osteopathic & Wellness Clinic in Melbourne, and realising the demand that was needed for STRESSED, BURNT OUT & UNFULFILLED Clients – I created my dream… Soul Balance Retreats. Where we take groups of clients away for a re-charge, rejuvenation, stillness… and to find themselves on their chosen path with clarity and confidence.
==> www.soulbalanceretreats.com.au <==

When I am not in my hippy pants in the magical mountains of Bali, I am here in Melbourne following another passion – being motivating individuals with their HEALTH, FITNESS and correct NUTRITION for their individual health & wellbeing goals.

I LOVE what I do as a Health Coach and am so passionate about Nutrition, Health & Fitness that my team provide our services FOR FREE to the local community every week – that is right, FREE.  Our goal is community health through exercise, nutrition and personal development.  We also believe that working out in a gym is not for everyone.  With my partner previously owning a Gym in the past, we have seen that the first step for most people is personal growth and motivation.

If you are feeling STUCK, CONFUSED & FRUSTRATED with NO RESULTS despite consistent exercise – and fall into the habit of negative self-sabotage, (we all do it!) and you are in need of MOTIVATION & SUPPORT, as well as education to sort through all of the CONFLICTING information, welcome.

You have found the right place 🙂

Visit our Community Health Website – and opt in to let us know you are coming.

Bring your SMILE, your WATER bottle and show up! All the details are on our website.

I look forward to meeting you soon.


One thought on “My Soul Balance ‘Why’…

  1. Hey! I stumbled upon your website and it is complete fate! I live in Louisiana in the USA and I am a Mind,Body,Soul Yoga Hippie who loves Inspiring others as well. I am 23 and have plans for my future that look a lot like the services you currently offer! The odd part is that I am also an Herbalife nutrition coach and I am hoping to open up an community whole health wellness center in my town and offer most of the same services as well. I am working on getting Yoga Certified but I will be leading Fit Clubs and Weightloss Challenges and nutrition coach as well. I just wanted to reach out to you and ask you if you about how you came into herbalife and how long you have been doing it? I would love to know more about the model of your Retreat Spa because it seems to bee exactly what I ma planning for the next coming months. If you have time to give, I would love to learn any advice from you. Also, you live in my favorite place in the world!

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