Community Health and Fitness is something that Marc & I are both very passionate about.  Both coming from backgrounds in the health profession, we were both always trying to encourage our clients to exercise and eat a clean and balanced diet.  Along the way with the growth of Soul Balance, we have seen the true benefit of sharing our love for personal development, and the direct result that has had for our clients as well.

So much so that we have introduced a new concept – that incorporates all of our loves… Exercise, Nutrition education, and of course personal growth and mindset development.

We call it FIT CLUB.

Basically with a Team of Health Coaches we have put our hands up to initiate and train a team of leaders to run FREE Community Fitness session in various locations all over Melbourne and Geelong – Soon to be exploding across Australia wide.

Our “GO TIME” FIT CLUB is open to anyone to join in, all ages and fitness levels, to come and train with us for free each week.  After our exercise component is complete, we then have a healthy recovery breakfast together while discussion different nutritional topics each week.  Through-out the whole morning we are constantly setting a positive mindset and energy for the groups, goal and intention setting, as well as focusing on my personal mantra of ‘Gratitude being our attitude’.

The shift we have seen in the areas that we are doing these community Fit Club sessions are phenomenal – and for us personally, as this project is growing it is becoming incredibly rewarding to see the health shift across the community.  Fit Club is a family friendly environment, with children welcome to attend.  Why not make it a family event to get out of the house and get moving together?

Remember the days when we would get home from school and play outside until it was dark?  Our vision is to re-educate children on the importance of keeping active, and fuelling themselves with the right nutrition.  The prevalence of so many dietary illness’, such as diabetes, is affecting over 70% of our population.

If you would like any more information about session times, head over to to find your nearest FIT CLUB.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world – Mahatma Gandhi


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