‘Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness. In order to achieve happiness it is important to gain mastery of your body.’ – Joseph Pilates

There are many reasons why both men & women should give Clinical Pilates a go. There are 6 main principles of the modern Pilates method, all of which contribute to multiple benefits through-out our body systems: concentration, control, centering, efficiency of movement, breathing and precision. Through a combination of these principles demonstrated in your personal program, you can expect to feel and see the benefits – including an increased level of physical fitness, spinal mobility, core stability, increased flexibility and stress relief.

Our highly articulate instructors discuss your goals of your program with you initially during a private assessment, to ensure that your progress is on track.

To book an initial assessment, or for further information on our Clinical Pilates timetable – visit www.doncasterosteo.com.au

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