To our dear Soul Balance Community,

Thank you for your ongoing support over the past 5 years of our journey to Soul Balance. Together we have come so far, and it is time to evolve to our next chapter together.

This is an exciting message to inform you of our re-branding and evolution to PROJECT SHE.

  • She is SPIRIT
  • She radiates HEALTH
  • She chooses to EVOLVE
  • She is you and she is me.
  • The journey continues as we venture into this next chapter of leading, living and loving.
  • This is the first of many SHE adventures, and the process has been a well needed clarification for my own spirit, heart and mind for the direction of the next chapter.

Soul Balance has been my life since I was 6 years old. You have all walked the journey with me, we have grown together, cried together, survived together, laughed together, and continue to support each other from all over the world. I want to say THANK YOU for walking the path along side me.

  • Project SHE is a time to stand up. A time to RISE.
  • A time to say yes to the fire inside.
  • A time to evolve into our higher selves.

I invite and welcome you to join me for this next incredible transition. And it starts here… STAY TUNED!

Our new branding is underway, we will be keeping you updates through our blog and social sites on everything PROJECT SHE.

Looking forward to having you come along for the next adventure.

Love & Light,

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