By my mid-20’s  I was deep in the trenches of running my own Business’ within the Health field.  I had discovered the draining experience of what I now call “the daily grind”.  With that, came financial stress, frustration, feeling like I was trapped, lack of motivation, limited freedom, and ultimately I was on an express train towards ‘Burn Out’.  What a great start to my adult career life…

I had fallen in to the trap of a rollercoaster that included a lack of sleep, running on adrenaline, no down time with friends and family, poor exercise habits, and ultimately – adrenal burnout.
What does adrenal Burnout/Exhaustion feel like? How does it happen? Just ask me, I was an expert at it…
Adrenal exhaustion is associated with high levels of prolonged stress, or infection in the body.  It affects both Men and Women of all ages.
Basically when we are in ‘Burnout’ our adrenal glands are not working optimally.  Therefore our internal hormone balance is shifted, including our Cortisol levels.  When the glands are not working properly, our Cortisol levels drop – And our bodies cannot positively respond to high-pressured situations as they normally would.
Some of the Symptoms include a lack of energy, fatigue, generally feeling unwell or nauseas, anxiety, overwhelm and rundown.  With our modern Western lifestyle, the relentless stress means that many people have experienced Adrenal Burnout on some level.  The fastest way to shift yourself out of Adrenal ‘Burnout’ is to recognise the cause of your stress and try to eliminate the impact it has on your life, or at least how you choose to respond to that stress. 
But HOW can you do that when you are STUCK in the repetitive grind of it?
A weekly Yoga class may be a step in the right direction… But isn’t it funny that out of 168 hours of the week, we think that just 1-hour will fix ALL of our problems?
Over time I would take my yearly 1-2 weeks off… Eat, Drink, Party and ‘Relax’ – only to find that I would come home even MORE exhausted than when I left.  Not to mention my motivation to get back in to the grind had plummeted.  We all know that feeling of the first day back at work right?
I finally came to the conclusion that this was of NO benefit to my health, my patients, my staff, my family… or my future.
So I took a gamble, and I decided to create my dream – Soul Balance Retreats in beautiful Bali.
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