The greatest gift we can give ourselves is self-love. The feeling of connection, peace, freedom and faith in the person you are becoming.

It is an ever-growing project of self-awareness, choice and clearly defined goals, which we continuously have to work at no matter our age, background or gender.

So, where do we start?

My body, like a lot of us, has been through vigorous exercise programs, injuries, food guilt, binges, soup diets, diet pills, hormone imbalances, adrenal exhaustion and many more ups and downs – sound familiar at all?

It wasn’t until I was in my mid-twenties, when I was burnt out, self-sabotaging through a party-girl lifestyle, feeling unworthy and was diagnosed with a hormonal medical condition that spiralled me to an absolute low point in my life. My body was out of my control, I felt out of alignment, physically and spiritually. It showed up in all areas of my life – health, career, relationships with others, and ultimately the relationship with myself.

Looking back it was a crucial transition in my life – a chapter of awakening that forced me to look inward.

During that time, I started to ask myself these types of questions – What are my personal values? Am I living a life that is reflective of these? Am I taking care of my body in a way that is congruent with the person I want to become? If I keep doing what I am doing, where will I land in 2, 5 or 10 years time?

With that in mind, I made some huge changes to my life.

I made the decision to end a negative relationship, I changed my career path, invested more time into my health, and ultimately chose to fall in love with me again. It didn’t happen overnight, but I kept coming back to those questions I was asking myself, and the changes became easier each time I came to the fork in the road.

I am excited to share a few key things with our Soul Balance Community, which I personally found to be essential in moving me into an authentic place of self-love through a healthy and active lifestyle.

#1 Breathe deeply

 For me starting the day with a few minutes of deep, conscious breathing is the perfect way to ground and centre myself before the day’s agenda filters into my mindset.

Sometimes I will stop up to four times during the day and just take a few minutes to breathe and re-centre. Connecting with my breath helps me to be congruent with my heart, emotions and my state of mind.

Make this your morning ritual and start to see what a gift this alone can be to your body.

#2 Gratitude

The best attitude.

Gratitude helped me change my focus from what was lacking in my life to the abundance that was already present.

Looking for and appreciating the lessons around us every day creates feelings of more happiness, resilience and a sense of balance in our daily life.

Change your perception and change your life by simply writing down 3 things you are grateful for each day.

#3 Move

 My training time = me time.

Whether it is on the yoga mat, an early morning jog or a session at the gym – My exercise routine has and always will be, an absolutely key to connecting to my body.

I love the feeling of listening and responding to what my body needs on a daily basis.

Coming from a place in the past of over-exercising and punishing my body, just to try and feel good about myself – I have learnt the lesson of listening to what my body is telling me.

Balance (including rest) is the key.

I now have come to understand that they key to feeling whole and to love my body, was not going to be found from more exercise. My belief system had to change massively in this area of my life. Once I understood that 80% of my results would come from the right nutrition, my body found the balance I had always been looking for.

Living a healthy & active life is something that I truly love.

Moving my body is a gift to myself that now feels freeing, empowering and cultivates strength for me both internally and externally.

#4 Nourish

Nutrition for the mind, Nutrition for the soul and Nutrition for the body.

Remember those questions I asked myself earlier?

My personal philosophy on nutrition also needed to change. I was often a Monday to Friday gym junkie and made OK choices with my food. However, I would be a weekend warrior with binge drinking and over-compensating with food choices because I ‘deserved’ to eat what I wanted.

I made the switch to simple clean eating; Balanced wholefoods, less sugar, more good fats, adequate protein and nutrient support to ensure my body was absorbing all of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients it needed to find balance. It was about finding a sustainable option for a healthy and active lifestyle.

The choices became simple once my personal philosophy on nutrition reflected my values – For me, my body is a temple and I will treat it exactly as that.

Nutrition for my mind and soul also became priority. I gave my surrounding environments a detox. What was I listening to? How often was I plugged in to social media? What am I reading? What personal development was I investing my time into?

Nourishing my body was a huge turning point towards finding a connection with ME again.

#5 Connection

 Personally I had to create some healthy boundaries, and to truly believe that I deserved to experience a life of happiness, love, health and freedom.

Surround yourself with people that lift you higher. In the beginning this can be difficult for some, it certainly was for me.

Share your goals, share your why to those that love and care for you the most – and will support you through making these positive adjustments to your life. And those that don’t like the idea of you making changes, well… That is their journey, not yours.

Prioritize the time to connect with yourself – exercise, start to write in a journal, take yourself out for a coffee! Whatever it may be.


I believe the first step to self-love and authenticity is making these small and sustainable adjustments to life, one day at a time.

Remember we are not striving for perfection, just working on progressing to be the best version of ourselves that we can be.

We are EXACTLY where we need to be right now, and perfect in this moment.

Yours in health,
















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