One of the most common questions that I always get asked is ‘What do you actually do on your 1-Day Retreats?’ ~ So I thought I would let you in a few little secrets.

I see women arrive at to a 1-Day Retreat from all walks are areas of life. Let’s start there…

Who is the Retreat actually ideal for?  Lets cover off on ‘why just females’ first.

From my own personal experiences, I was very lucky to be invited into an amazing meditation group at the young age of 21. It was my Homeopath at the time that was my ‘angel’ and she invited me to participate in this amazing Monday morning ritual to help ground myself during a challenging transition period in my life.

Now looking back, that Circle changed everything.  The women in that mediation group represented such a peaceful, yet powerful force. We all had such different life journeys and challenges, and yet we were all going through the same common emotions and feelings. We were like sisters. We would walk in to the beautiful space sometimes feeling depleted or lethargic – and we would walk out like charged up 10-foot tall goddess’, ready to take on the day and week ahead, shining brightly to those around us. It was amazing and in someway there are now many elements of that group flowing into Soul Balance.

At that age and stage of my life, I really don’t think I appreciated what we actually had within that circle – but it is definitely something that I will never forget and hold close to my heart. I am so grateful to Nicole (my Homeopath) and the group of women for that time being the real ‘beginning’ of my Soul Balance journey.

Once the Soul Balance Retreats in Bali were getting some great traction, I started to realise that there was a need to remain connected with the amazing people that were coming into our path. There is such a need for connection, regular ‘recharge’ stops, and continual growth and support – A place to be YOU.

Walking into the 1-Day Retreats I know you may feel a little hesitant if it is your first time… But just know that you can expect to feel welcomed, calm, and at ease as soon as you arrive. Our space is grounding, flooded with golden sunlight, warm, and vibrates with scents of Sandalwood and Lemongrass.

We enjoy multiple meditation sessions throughout the day, progressing to a deep meditation towards the afternoon. No meditation experience is necessary as you are guided the whole day. We also enjoy different workshops (they vary each time) focusing on self-awareness, empowerment, connection and action steps to help you take that first step towards living your truth, and finding your purpose. This is all within a supportive and connected environment. We share a beautiful healthy lunch from the organic café on site, and there is plenty of snacks and cups of herbal tea to keep us going in-between workshops.

Even after 1-Day you can expect to walk out feeling like you have been away for much longer. The 1-Day Retreats have become such a success, that earlier this year I had to find a larger venue that we could utilise more frequently.

See what some of our Retreat sisters have to say about their experiences…

Soul Balance Retreats is actually life changing. You are surrounded by like minded people, in a comfortable and safe environment in which you can ground yourself again. In our daily ritual we get caught up in the grind, these day retreats allow you to reflect on you, your life and actually stop. I have attended two day retreats now and have already learnt so much. Em and Marc do everything to perfection and put so much time and effort into helping people. There is nothing but goodness that will come out of these retreats and I will be forever grateful… ” ~ Jess, Melbourne.

“I’m so grateful for the opportunity to take part in a one day Melbourne Retreat. I truly came away feeling like I’d been ‘away’ for longer than 1 day, it was more like a weekends escape. The environment was warm and welcoming, which was a reflection of Emily’s spirit and that allowed everyone to feel comfortable and open and ready to share and learn from each other. And although this was nearly one week ago now, I’m still finding the feelings and the ‘escape’ is with me through my day to day activities.
Thank you thank you thank you I can not wait for the next one! x ” ~ Charlie, Melbourne.

“What an amazing day! I attended a one day Soul Balance Retreat in Melbourne and had a beautiful day. Emily is a rare soul and so full of love. I met lots of amazing and unique women from all walks of life. The day was a perfect balance of fun, laughter, love and relaxation xx ” ~ Kristy, Melbourne.

“Soul Balance Retreats was completely life changing. I was fortunate enough to be able to experience its pure magic at the most recent day retreat in Melbourne. I went at a time where I felt as though I was at a bit of a cross road with major decisions to make…. However with the bonds, friendships & support of the gorgeous goddesses that I met there, I have walked away feeling focused, grounded and more sure of myself than ever. I will be forever grateful for those who shared this special day with me and I am so excited to go on the next retreat! Thank you Em xx ” ~ Daniella, Melbourne.

“I attended a one day Soul Balance Retreat surrounded by beautiful Women and Emily what an amazing guide she was to us all so warm and welcoming and full of love .It’s hard to describe this experience , but what I do know is, what I walked away with was incredible! ” ~ Narelle, Melbourne.

“Have been to both a Bali retreat and a day retreat in Red Hill. Both such amazing experiences. Thank you Emily for providing such a safe, nurturing experience. I came away from both retreats feeling more centred and able to use the wonderful tools given to us to keep on track. The Bali retreat added something invaluable to my life. I came away feeling repaired, renewed and excited about my future. I can’t wait for another opportunity to attend my next soul balance retreat! ” ~ Cathie, Ballarat.

I am now running four to five of the 1-Day Retreats in-between our Bali trips for our Soul Balance Community – and I am very excited to announce that in May 2015 I will be running my first Soul Balance Weekend Retreat in Red Hill, Victoria. So whatever your lifestyle, your time frame, and your budget may be – from our online community, to our 1-Day Retreats, Weekend Retreats, and finally to our 5-star Bali packages ~ I believe that Soul Balance can hold your hand through whatever chapter of your journey that you are on.

The Retreat is for you if:

  • You have read this far through this post!
  • If you are feeling stuck and foggy with where your life journey is at right now.
  • If you are looking to connect with your inner values and life purpose.
  • If you want to explore the different areas in your life, and set a plan of what you want to attract in the next 3-6 months.
  • You want to connect with like-minded and supportive women.
  • You want to be welcomed to a place that you feel you can be open, supported, authentic and not judged for who you are.
  • You would like to enhance your meditation skills.
  • Connect with those that have been on longer Retreats in Bali, or may be thinking about going.
  • Stay connected with your friends or ‘sisters’ that you have met during previous Retreat experiences.
  • You want to give yourself the gift to ‘unplug’, chill out and recharge for the day.
  • If your heart is ready to open to new experiences.

For more information on our Soul Balance Melbourne Retreats (1-Day or Weekends) and to book your place – please reach out and email me

I can’t wait for you to experience your very own Soul Balance journey…

Love & Light,







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