I have just returned from a week of belly laughs, hugs, smiles, sharing, tears… and of course nappy changes with my beautiful group of sisters, my girlfriends.

Life continues to get busier by the week, with career changes and promotions, engagements and weddings, babies and more babies, moving interstate or overseas, … just life!  And we don’t often have the chance to getaway or catch up together as much anymore.

We do however always remain close to each other’s heart through a connection that is hard to describe, but very real to us – only women will understand what I am talking about.

Bless our beautiful good men by our side, but there are some things within the plethora of our many roles as females that only our sisters (our girlfriends) will understand.

Luckily for me, we had planned this trip months ago for a lead up to the wedding of the year (she has been planning it since 1995) for our dear friend Ally.  First lesson is here – Book a break well in advance so that everyone can budget, cater for, and plan around it.  The wedding was a perfect chance for us to re-charge and pamper Ally (and ourselves!) before the big day.

So, leading up to this celebration as the days went on, I felt myself ‘charge up’ my feminine energy from these inspiring women, which I am so grateful for.

On reflection of this week, here are the reasons why I believe sisterhood friendships are worth more than their weight in gold…


The laughter, joy and pampering was just the beginning on the first day.  Ally’s Hens activities followed, and we all know a ‘girls night out’ (dancing is essential) is needed every once in a while. The days that followed were full of moments (and plenty of instagram pics) that we will keep forever.  It is really simple; Women all together… have a blast.

No one knows you like your girlfriends.

Your girlfriends can read you like a book, emotions become transparent when you are together.  They remember all of the embarrassing moments that you may have deleted from your memory bank, will bluntly tell you when you when you are over-analysing, share a moment of wisdom that was exactly what you needed to hear, or happily sit next to you in the massage pedicure chairs – even if they really don’t need a polish change.

I never take for granted how special the energy we share is.


My longest and treasured best friend Lauren has been by my side since we were born, and I know that nothing will ever change our friendship.  But over the years we all know that feeling of different friends coming and going. They were there for a season and a reason.  As we all evolve into different beings on our own journeys, we have to accept the simple fact that we grow and our paths are not always going to align – but the experiences and opportunities you shared were meant to be.  I often ‘check-in’ with my own evolution through a reflection of the friends I am blessed to have.

Acceptance & Love

Without a shadow of doubt at the end of the day, I know we don’t mean to judge each other harshly, because we are all on the same journey.  There are so many chapters to a female’s life, and to know that someone will understand where you are at any moment is priceless and something we should band together with.  Growing from a daughter, to a friend, a sister, a wife, a mother… and beyond – We love and lift each other up, while appreciating the amazing talents that we all possess as individuals.

As we grow older I am so excited to experience that inner radiance, contentment, laughs, hugs, love and beauty that will continue to grow amongst all of us.

Who is the first person that comes to your mind when you read this…?

Don’t text or email, pick up the phone and have a good old chat.  Charge yourself up on that beautiful Venus energy…




Emily x




One thought on “Women Are From Venus… Sisterhood Love.

  1. Beautiful honey. I am so grateful for our friendship, and especially for having you as my roommate this weekend! You were exactly the support I needed for so many reasons (even making my bed! haha) What a gorgeous, gorgeous week. Love you xxxxx

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